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alcohol rehab

Areas we cover – Alcohol Rehab. Here at ADUS Healthcare we cover the whole of the UK, and we do have a centre near you. Call our team for details. We strongly recommend that you choose an alcohol rehab centre out of your own town or area. This has proven to be more successful with clients rehabilitation, plus they cant just go home as and when they may feel like it. Also different surroundings help you feel like you are away and its a new start. I always think of it like going on holiday. If you have a week off at home, you do not feel like you have had a proper holiday. But if you go away. It is a totally different feeling. This is why I feel it is better for clients to be away from their home town. Trust me, it works this way.

What we offer

Here at ADUS Healthcare we also offer a collection and delivery service. We have cars available to collect you from home and take you to an alcohol rehab centre. ALL our drivers are first aid trained by the Red Cross, and are qualified in all aspects of the rehabilitation process, from Counselling to drug and alcohol awareness. We can collect you from anywhere in the UK.

Areas we cover

Areas we cover – Alcohol Rehab. In short, we can collect you from anywhere in the UK. We suggest you go to one of our alcohol rehab centres not too close to you home. All our staff are very friendly and know how to help you and get you well. We also offer an alcohol home detox programme for clients with busy lives. Call our team now on 0845 3881 543. we are here 24 hours a day, and always look forward to the calls we receive.