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alcohol home detox

Alcohol home detox. We offer a highly successful, comfortable and safe home detox program. We do these on a daily basis and even offer a same day service. So we can start your home detox today. Our home detox is second to none. It is the most supported alcohol home detox program available anywhere in the UK.

Alcohol home detox how it work

Our Alcohol home detox program works as follows. After your initial  phone call to us, we will get one if our detox nurses to call you back at your convenience to do a telephone assessment over the phone to make sure an alcohol home detox is your best option, and that it is safe for you to have an alcohol home detox. The next stage is our detox nurse will come to your home to meet you and your wife, friend or partner to explain how our detox program works. They will then leave your medication with your supervisor. The supervisor is your wife, friend or partner.

The nurse will then leave your home. You will start your alcohol home detox when it suits you. This can be immediately if you so wish. At the point if starting your alcohol home detox program our detox nurse will call you and speak to your supervisor, and explain exactly how much medication to administer to you. Our nurse will also check your blood pressure and general wellbeing over the phone with the help of your supervisor. You or your supervisor can also call our nurse back anytime day or night.  The medication you receive will normally be four times a day. In some cases more.

Our nurse will then start reducing your medication until no medication is needed. This can be anything from 5 to 14 days depending on the severity of the clients addiction. At this point you will be detoxed from alcohol. At no point will you be craving for alcohol.

Once your detox is completed we will then offer you the “Sinclair Method” which us an aftercare program. You do not have to do this if you feel you are fine with your alcohol home detox.

Our alcohol home detox programs are very successful, safe and comfortable. It is very unusual for a client to go back to drinking after there detox with us.

Areas we cover

Our alcohol home detox has been so successful, we have opened it out to the whole of the UK. So wherever you live, we can now do an  alcohol home detox. The cost of your alcohol home detox does not change. So where ever you live, the price will be the same. Contact us for more details.

Contact us

Our team is here 24 hours a day. Call us now for details of the services we offer. Call 07811 606 606.